Helvet Health wins a new marketing and communication account in Nuclear Medicine

In a large-scale pitch to increase visibility and understanding of nuclear medicine, Helvet Health prevailed against four agencies. As a first step Helvet Health has been tasked with creating a patient campaign concept and online platform in order to demystify nuclear medicine and to prepare the ground for key launches planned in the coming 12 to 18 months. The campaign will be disseminated 2020 across different online channels to reach US and EU patients.

Helvet Health to support Becton, Dickinson and Company for European digital assets

BD Europe (Becton, Dickinson and Company) selected Helvet Health as their agency partner to support the roll-out of certain European digital assets, including specialized platforms designed to improve the customer experience. The project is intensive and entails auditing, UX customer mapping, and building UX engagement strategies, all the way through the asset content development, creative execution, programming and installation.

Helvet Health awarded Incyte rare blood cancer brand across Europe

Incyte, an innovative and patient-focused biotech company, selected Helvet Health earlier this year to support the re-branding efforts of a leading treatment in rare blood cancers.

Helvet Health worked to redefine the brand positioning, messaging and entire creative universe, to create more impactful and consistent brand communications across Europe.

Health Agency becomes Helvet Health

Health Agency has become part of an independent network of specialised marketing and communications agencies, within Helvet Group, becoming Helvet Health.

The Helvet Communications Group joins the ranks in leading global and local marketing and communications, with the intention to provide clients with dedicated teams who have specialised knowledge in their sector.

Contact us to learn more.

Helvet Health creates data management tools

Helvet Health builds online data management tools to leverage data collected in the field (during sales calls or at congresses) by tracking performance/measuring the success of sales initiatives. Clients can access data, visualise the results in user-friendly interfaces, share reports, and send specific notifications/comments to a user.

New offer: closed-loop marketing and webcasts

By providing clients with custom webinar/webcast platforms, synchronized with industry trusted automation and tracking software, we can educate HCPs in a new and personalized way to create maximum impact, via an inbound marketing strategy, using live-streaming webcasts and on-demand video-conferences (filmed during key congresses or symposiums).

Check out the interview of Fanny Rannaud, Global Digital Producer of Helvet Health, on the topic.

New offer: online reputation management

Where are the relevant conversations are happening? Who are my key online influencers? How should I build my online ecosystem? We can respond to these questions with our new offer dedicated to online reputation management. In conjunction with our strategic process, we can reveal key online insights, discussions, educational gaps, track mentions, identify online leads or leading diseases/brand influencers. This innovative tool allows us to better understand online conversations, including trending keywords and the emotional context of discussions, in myriad languages. We can monitor real-time date on the web and social media, and can clearly identify the appropriate online platforms for media spend. This offer can help to transform a passive online presence into active online reputation management.

Helvet Health building international liver foundation for EASL

Helvet Health Agency is working in partnership with EASL to launch a global liver health foundation, called The International Liver Foundation. Helvet Health is developing the International Liver Foundation core communications, branding, print and digital communications.

Strategic Agency for global leader in rare diseases

Helvet Health Agency was appointed Agency of Record for a world leader in rare diseases across the EMEA.

Helvet Health continues to develop innovative, tailored digital tools for both promotional and educational purposes, from interactive diagnostic mobile applications to online HCP platforms, data management tools and extended corporate communication initiatives.

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Helvet Health attending digital summit in Lisbon

Helvet Health will be attending the Digital Summit in Lisbon (8-10 November) alongside some of the most innovative actors in areas of Health Tech, AI, Science Data Management and Security.

If you are attending, don't hesitate to contact us to schedule time together on-site.

New offer interactive storytelling using virtual reality

Helvet Health has launched a new offer, Interactive Storytelling. Interactive Storytelling is about engaging individuals in unique experiences, visually, to create maximum impact and retention.

Virtual reality is one way to tell an interactive story, and can be used for engaging HCPs in disease or treatment education, creating a hands-on experience for HCPs during virtual training labs, for new sales training initiatives, to create a unique disease education experience during congresses. Virtual reality can help patients to understand the pathophysiology of their condition.

Consider VR and Interactive Storytelling as a fantastic tool to engage your targets during live streaming events, video conferences, in the creation of corporate video games, 3D modelisation, symposium, corporate events, sales meeting or sales calls.

Contact us, we will bring your ideas to life.

Helvet Health works with Incyte to build a smartgame at EHA 2019

Every year, the European Hematology Association congress provides the right occasion to present new information and have important conversations with physicians about reinforcing excellent patient care.

This year EHA for Incyte was the right opportunity to have a more pertinent discussion with HCPs treating blood cancers and learn more about how to best manage the diseases.

Helvet Health developed a SmartGame, featuring educational content on CML, that when the HCP correctly answered, their replies were converted into Euros that INCYTE donated to CML Advocates Network, and continue efforts to raising awareness and improving patient care.

Helvet Health awarded Ferring chronic GI conditions-digital

Ferring, a category leader, will soon be leading the way in enabling patients in Europe with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Pouchitis) to better manage their chronic condition, with the creation of a digital platform, featuring lifestyle tips, videos and more.

Helvet Health wins bluebird bio EU Agency of Record gene replacement therapy in europe

Helvet Health Agency was awarded earlier in 2017 European Agency of Record for bluebird bio, supporting the Global marketing team both in thalassemia and cALD, two severe genetic diseases.

Helvet Health is working with bluebird bio to prepare European physicians and patients for what will certainly be a gene therapy revolution!

Helvet Health wins new Ferring paediatric product launch

Helvet Health Agency was awarded the launch of a new paediatric portfolio product with Ferring, to launch what is expected to become a leading paediatric solution across European markets.

Helvet Health is building a new brand concept, HCP campaign, and all supporting promotional materials for HCPs, scheduled for launch this year.

Helvet Health launches Livacare Billions of reasons to smile paediatric launch campaign for Ferring in europe

Helvet Health worked with Ferring to create a paediatric launch campaign across European markets.

Ferring has commercialised one of the most studied probiotics, making it available for paediatric purposes. This exclusive probiotic will be available across Europe, and the new Livacare campaign is designed to encourage physicians and pharmacists alike to recommend the Livacare brand name.

Haemonetics, leader in Blood Management Solutions

Haemonetics, a global leader in blood management solutions, has assigned Helvet Health with the task of reshaping its Digital Sales Toolkit. This toolkit, launched in Europe, will help the Salesforce to learn, prepare and drive a customer call while having relevant materials available in one single hub. For this mission, Helvet Health audited existing materials, created revised Value Proposition and Key Messages for key stakeholders and built a new Information Architecture (structure for the tool) based on the flow of the sales process. For more information, please contact us.

Helvet Health launched european website for GI Probiotics

Helvet Health worked with Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a global leader in gastroenterology, to create and launch a European Website educating patients and HCPs on VSL#3. Helvet Health built the UX, design and content of the platform. So far, the platform has been deployed in 5 key European markets and further adaptations will be soon available.

Contact us for more information on this project.

FEB-rin®, first reproductive microbiome modulator

Helvet Health is proud to collaborate with FERRING for the launch of FEB-rin®, a specially formulated intravaginal ovule that significantly increases Lactobacilli presence during ovarian stimulation, influencing the vaginal microbiome towards a healthier bacterial state. FERRING is leading the innovation in the reproductive microbiome and fertility. Helvet Health is contributing in the creation of all strategic, medical, and creative campaign elements.

The role of digital in rare diseases

What is the role of digital in healthcare – but more precisely – in rare diseases? Our Global Digital Manager, Fanny Rannaud, gave an inspiring talk in Geneva at « Performance Web 2018 ». Her challenge was to explain, in only 30 minutes, how digital experiences can help physicians to better understand, recognise and diagnose patients with rare diseases – reducing what is often called “diagnostic limbo”. In a space where P2P knowledge sharing is essential to the scientific community, it also can allow HCPs to provide daily support to patients and caregivers, particularly when faced with paediatric patients. Working within a highly regulated industry and niche area, Fanny leveraged her rich experience to demonstrate that constraints can in fact reveal opportunities, and that HCP’s continue to have unmet needs when it comes to rare diseases. By providing practical, relevant solutions for HCPs – or as we say, going “Beyond The Pill”, we can help HCPs to reduce rare disease patient time to diagnosis.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, please reach out.

Uli Straehler joins Helvet Health as Global Account Coordinator

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Uli Straehler as our new Global Account Coordinator part of the Helvet Health team.

Uli studied marketing and business management at the University of applied sciences of Western Switzerland. In addition to his academic curriculum, he worked in several different fields of activity such as communication agencies, administration in a medical engineering firm and at the United Nations in Geneva.

He will support our Account departments in improving reactivity to clients’ requests as well as respecting deadlines.

Helvet Health grows and moves office

We invite you to take a look at our agency party that took place on the 20th of June in our office in Nyon. The entire staff was happy to welcome local business partners, clients, and spouses for a music-filled cocktail reception.

Looking forward to seeing you soon Your Helvet Team

Helvet Health launched new men's health treatment in Urology

FERRING Pharmaceuticals, a leader in men’s health, Urology and Endocrinology – amongst other therapeutic categories – selected Helvet Health to support the global launch of a novel treatment therapy for men facing the challenges of hypogonadism. Helvet Health is proud to have earned this new opportunity and looks forward to FERRING to enable Urologists and Endocrinologists in better addressing this important men’s health challenge.

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